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Take part in a group

Display available groups

To see an overview over the existing groups, go to the Groups page.
By default, all available groups are displayed. To see only the groups you are a member of, click “My Groups” on the upper left.
You can custom order the display of the group by the follwing criteria:

  • last active (default)
  • most members
  • newly created
  • alphabetical order

To display the group area, click on the title of the group. You have to be a member of the group to enter the group area.

DocsCollaboration: Read and edit collaborative documents

Once you’ve entered a group area, you can

  • display an overview over the group’s collaborative documents by clicking on “DocsCollaboration”
  • open and read a document by clicking on its title
  • edit a document by clicking on “Edit” once you’ve opened it (you need to save any changes you make)
  • view the history of a document by clicking “History” once you’ve opened it.

Do not forget to save the changes you’ve made to a document.

The save button is located at the end of the document!
Location of save button for collaborative documents

Create your own groups

To create your own group, click on “Create Group” to get to the first page of the process.


Provide a group name (required) and a group description (required) and click Create Group and Continue.


Privacy options

  • Public group (any site member can join and view contents and activity of the group)
  • Private group (membership is restricted to members of the site who request membership or who are invited to join by the creator of the group
  • Hidden group (membership is restricted to invited members of the site only; this kind of group will not be listed in the groups directory

All of these options and the explanations will be displayed when you are on the settings page.

Set invitation privilege

Choose which members of your group are allowed to invite others to join the group. The available options are:

  • All group members
  • Group administrators and group moderators only
  • Group administrators only

Click Next Step when you have chosen your setting.


BuddyPress Docs (= DocsCollaboration in the menu) is a plugin that allows members of a group to co-author and co-edit documents directly on the server. Uncheck Enable BuddyPress Docs if you do not wish to make use of this feature. You can enable it at any time later on.

Choose the minimum role a user must have to be able to make documents for collaboration available in your group. The options are:

  • Group member (default)
  • Group moderators only
  • Group administrators only


You can upload an image to use as a profile picture for your group. Drop your file in the upload area or click Select your File. Click Next Step when you are done.
You can also skip this step if you do not want to use a profile picture and click Next Step without any upload.

Permissions for document upload

Choose which members should be able to upload documents to the group. Note that this is different from the document collaboration above: Here, you can upload files for reading or viewing by group members. The document collaboration tool, in contrast, is an in-built editor which allows you to create and edit documents.
The options for document upload are:

  • All group members
  • Group administrators and moderators only

Click Next step when you are done.


Here, you can invite site members you have befriended using the members feature. You can also send invites at a later time from the start page of your group.

Manage your own group

Choose your group from the group directory (NetworkingGroups) by clicking on its title. Directly below the profile picture of the group you are presented with the following five navigational options:

  • Home (the start page of your group)
  • DocsCollaboration (where you can create and manage documents for co-authoring and co-editing, only visible if you enabled this feature during set up or from the Manage page for your group)
  • Documents: Upload documents for use within your group.
  • Members: Display a list of the members of your group and their activities.
  • Send invite: Invite members of the site which you have already befriended to join your group.
  • Manage: Change the settings you chose during set up of the group.

Create and manage documents for collaboration

Choose DocsCollaboration from the start page of your group to get to the page where you can manage existing collaborative documents and create new ones. You are presented with a list of the documents already available in the group and can choose to read, edit, or view the history of the collaborative document. Any files attached to the collaborative document are also accessible (for download)

Create a new document for collaboration

On the upper right of the DocsCollaboration page, a button labeled Create New Doc leads to the form where you can create a new one. The available options are:

  • Title: Enter the title for your document.
  • Content: Write the beginning of the text body (or leave empty).
  • Attachments: Allows you to add files to the collaborative document.
  • Associated Group: Allows you to choose in which group your document will be available.
  • Access: Set permissions for reading and editing of the document and of the comments on the document.
  • Tags: Tag your document with any words or phrases you deem helpful.
  • Parent: Select a parent document with which the new document should be linked (optional).

Upload and manage documents

Choose Documents from the start page of your group to get to the documents page where you can manage existing documents and upload new ones. You are presented with a list of the documents already available in the group. Below the list, a button labeled Upload a New Document leads to the upload form.

Upload new documents

On the upload page, click Choose File and navigate to the document you wish to upload. A list with valid file formats is displayed on the page. The following options are available:

  • Display Name: Enter the title for your document.
  • Description: Enter a short description.
  • Category: Categorize the document. You can create your own categories.

Click Save to upload the document.

Manage existing documents

You can sort the list of documents available in the group by date, alphabet, or popularity. You can also edit all the options you were given during the upload or delete the document.

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