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CATMA User Manual

The Catma user manual is available from inside the application.

Detailed Instructions on Collaborative Use of CATMA


CATMA’s elements for manual annotation

As you can see in the image to the left, CATMA’s workflow makes use of documents, markup collections and tag libraries to make manual annotation with custom built categories possible.

You can add any document to any corpus and you can create any tag library with any tag set consisting of any number of nested tags.

To use a corpus in CATMA in collaboration with others you need to share

  • the corpus
  • the tag libraries needed for the annotation project
  • By sharing a corpus, you allow other users access to the documents and markup collections within the corpus. This, however, doesn’t make available the tag library you used for the annotation the markup collection. Tag libraries need to be shared as well. Only if the corpus (i.e. the documents that make up the corpus and the markup collections that belong to a specific document) and the tag libraries shared, can they be used in full in collaboration. This is especially true for writing access to markup collections and tag libraries.

    Sharing does not imply automatic refreshing: Keep in mind that you need to refresh the corpus and the tag libraries you use to be up to date with the work of your collaborators. Refreshing of the corpus and the tag libraries shared with you is comfortably done by clicking the refresh button in the upper right corner. Since single documents, markup collections and tag libraries can be shared independently from each other, they also need to be refreshed independently from each other: The markup collections are refreshed by right-clicking (in the tagger window) on markup collection in question and choosing “refresh”.


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