Our tutorials offer information on how to use our tools and resources as well as hints on how to carry out a research project using corpora and discourse analytical frameworks.

  1. Project Management
  2. Tools
  3. Corpus Building
  4. Corpus Analysis
  5. Networking

External tutorials

There is a ton of tutorials out there. The following are most helpful (and, of course, the list isn’t complete).

Corpus Linguistics

A very good and hands on tutorial on Corpus Linguistics and how to use some tools is Noah Bubenhofer’s online course on Corpus Linguistics (in German, only a small part is available in English)

Regular Expressions

Whether you build your own corpus or whether you try to come up with a complex search query: regular expressions are your friend. Noah Bubenhofer offers a concise overview in German while regular-expressions.info offers in-depth information (and a tutorial) in English.

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